Tuesday, August 26, 2008

About Me

I am a Network Engineer for a major ISP. I originally obtained the CCNA/CCNP/CCDA/CCDP in 2000-01. I let them expire when I returned to NCSU, where I completed my BA in Communication in June of 2006. I completed a MBA in Management from Strayer University in September of 2009 and am now working toward the MSIS. Currently, I hold the CCNA (yep, took it again and renewed it a couple of time via the Written), and the JNCIA-Junos. I passed CCIE Written in 2013. However, for a few reasons, I am completing the last class of my MSIS prior to attempting a v5 lab. and am now preparing for the CCIE Lab.

I wrote the instructions for the IP330 Olive.

The 1U Olive @ Techexams.
The 1U Olive @ Mr.Configure.


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  4. NP, Etherealmind. I check your blog quite regularly.

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  6. Hey, good luck with your lab! I'm a fellow Wolfpacker as well! I've added you to my blog roll, and I'll be reading up on you. My lab is tentatively scheduled for Oct 15, which means I gotta come up with $1500 fast!

  7. Go Pack! I need to come up with "funding" as well.

  8. Hi, I have linked your blog to mine, this is because your blog has great reference materials for my pursuit to become a network engineer.