Monday, March 9, 2009

Upgrading lab...

This place is really dusty...

I've been pretty busy at work (who hasn't?), but have finally developed
a plan for the Written. I also decided to upgrade my lab. I am currently cabling
the following:

R1 = Cisco 2620XM
R3 = Cisco 2621XM
R2 = Cisco 2610XM
R4 = Cisco 2611XM
R5 = Cisco 2611XM
R6 = Cisco 2621XM
BB1 = Cisco 2610
BB2 = Cisco 2501
BB3 = Cisco 2610
FR = Cisco 3620
sw1 = Cisco 3550
sw2 = Cisco 3550
sw3 = Cisco 3550
sw4 = Cisco 3550
TS = Cisco 2511

I use Wic-2Ts with Smart Serial x-over cables for serial connections,
which is how I am able to use the Cisco 3620 as a Frame switch. This
works great for my needs. All other connections are standard e-net
x-over or straight thru, as well as Octo cables.

After I pass the written I'll rent lab time to cover additional technologies
as I progress.

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