Saturday, August 22, 2009

JNCIA-ER - Part 1.7

Ok. Passed the assessment (see below). I still have two chapters left to read in the OJRE Student Guide. In addition to that and reviewing tabbed notes, I also need to review the J-Web Interface User Guide. If the exam is anything like the assessment, I'll need that to bone up on J-Web. I'll likely complete the OJRE Lab Guide as well.

JNCIA-ER: Pre-assessment Exam

The pre-assessment exam consists of 25 questions designed to prepare you for the proctored exam at a Prometric testing center. At the end of the pre-assessment exam you will be instantly graded; a 70% passing score earns you a discounted voucher ID for the Prometric exam. An e-mail will also be sent to you with your results.

Congratulations! You have passed the JNCIA-ER: Pre-assessment Exam.

Your score was: 80%
Passing score is: 70%

Your voucher ID is: **********
You have earned a discount off your certification exam of 100%

You will receive an e-mail with this information shortly.


  1. hi mr configure...

    how can i make a pre assessment exam.will u pls guide me?

    is it a tougher one for a cisco learner?


  2. Ramee, if you want to pass it, you just need to read the free JNCIA-ER materials @