Wednesday, January 27, 2010

eBook Readers...

I have been researching a few eBook readers in the hopes of finding something that will assist in my studies without adding more paper to my bookshelves. I still haven't made a final decision yet, but was (as of late) leaning toward the Kindle DX which has a price point of $489.

At least I was until today...

Apple iPad

I'm thinking at $499, I'll get better file organization as compared to the Kindle DX, with the addition of office-style apps and web surfing, among others. We'll see.


  1. I am preparing for the R&S Written...

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  3. hi.. i got the kindle for the same reason... the main drawback is that some pdf are not very well displayed.. for text or chm files you can convert them to a A5 size and then i'll look nice but some 8x10 are just too small.. the screen is really nice and the battery life really long.. i guess if you just buy the kindle format books it's pretty good. but then the ipad looks really awesome :)

  4. The iPad does look awesome. I would like to try it out, of course, before any purchase. I wish I could get a preview of the Kindle DX.