Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Groupstudy's CCIE Discussion list:

Groupstudy's Cisco CCIE Certification Discussion list is another great resource, especially for those who haven't yet completed the CCIE Written portion. As I have only one 3550 switch to practice routing on, and 3 2950s, I wondered how I could route across the 2950s. The following posting entitled "Routng between 3550 and 2950" explains it. See below:

HI Experts,

Following is my topology:-

R1(2611) <---> R2(2611) <---->SW1(3550) ======SW2(2950) <----->
R3(2611) <----->R4(2611)

Note:- Link between the SW1 & SW2 is etherchannel

My query is:-

1. Can the routes be received from R1 to R4.If yes then how should be
the Switches configured coz one of them is Layer 2 and the other is
Layer 3

What I have done so far:-

1. I tried configuring SW1 as layer 3 interface and sw2 as layer 2 on
one of the Interface . the link came up but still couln't get routes
from R1 to R4. I did this configuration by deleting the etherchannel
between the 2 switches. I think this is a wrong configuration but I
don't knowhow I should make the packets reachable in this scenario.

Warm Regards


One option creat whaterver L3 SVi on 3550 say
Int vlan 33
ip addr

On the interface connecting to the L2 switch.. just say sw acc vl 33 and the
same command on the interface connecting to R3

On R3.
int eth0/0
ip add

You should be able to ping between Sw1 and R3 then. You could also leave the
link between sw1 and sw2 to be a trunk and just make changes on the link
connecting to R3.

Do read Lan Switching by Clark should help you out with most switching tech.


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