Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here are pics of my labs with brief rundowns below:

Cisco Lab (as pictured):

R1: Cisco 2620XM
R3: Cisco 2621XM
R2: Cisco 2610XM
R4: Cisco 2611XM
R5: Cisco 2611XM
R6: Cisco 2621XM
BB1: Cisco 2610
BB3: Cisco 2610
BB2: Cisco 2610
FS: Cisco 3620
TS: Cisco 2511
SW1: Cisco 3550
SW2: Cisco 3550
SW3: Cisco 3550
SW4: Cisco 3550

Juniper Lab (as pictured):

TS: Cisco 2509
SW: Cisco 2950
OLIVE1: Nokia IP330
OLIVE2: Nokia IP330
OLIVE3: Nokia IP330
OLIVE4: Nokia IP330
OLIVE6: Nokia IP440
OLIVE7: Nokia IP440

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