Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Worked through most of IPv6 in Doyle's Routing TCP/IP. That's a great book! Took thorough notes, will finish tomorrow morning and move on to RIPv2 (finally), then on to EIGRP. Hopefully I can get some time in to work on my lab before the week is out. Plan to run through those RIP labs from the Bryant Advantage and Mohamed Ouamer. These are just basic labs, but I'm doing them to reinforce concepts as I progress. I plan to continue on that route building up my understanding for the Written, and at the same time, preparing for transition to Soup-to-Nuts (S2N) once I have completed the written. I plan to take the written by the end of November, beginning of December before this project at work ramps to full speed. Anyway, that's the basic gist of my plan. I'll place a real outline later.

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