Monday, August 10, 2009

JNCIA-ER - Part 1

Well, I was fortunate enough to complete a Juniper JNSSA-ER Virtual Lab Hands-on Training course over the weekend. It is not a JNCIA-ER course, but it was technical and free. Great course. So great, in fact, as Juniper is offering 4 FREE certifications (until year's end) and I have plenty of time on my hands, I have decided to go for them!

I'll blog about my experience here, of course.

First things first. Last night, I took the pre-assessment which allows me to obtain the 100% off voucher from Juniper for the actual exam. There were 25 questions, which I blew through in less than 5 minutes. I just needed to see where I stood, and to get a feel for the questions. The being said, you know what comes next:

We’re sorry. You did not pass the JNCIA-ER: Pre-assessment Exam this time.

Your score was: 24%
Passing score is: 70%

Ouch! LOL They also send you an email letting you know what your status was.

Today, I am working my way through Part 1: JUNOS as a Second Language (JSL) online course (pictured here). Also free. It's excellent. The course is downloadable and does not require installation. It runs inside my Adobe Flash player and it is interactive (to an extent) which allows for 'configuration' of the examples presented in the course. This is simply to give you a basic feel for JUNOS, if you will. It compares and contrasts the differences between Cisco IOS and JUNOS, and walks you through examples of various configurations. You can also compare different pieces of a JUNOS config and compare it to the same config in IOS. Pretty cool.

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